Snap-Secure Lock Comparison Chart



 Feature Terminology

Anti-Snap TS007-3Star   The ability to prevent entry by the popular lock snapping method.  It is latest British Standard test to incude resistance to lock snapping and bump key attack. Cylinders will be marked with the Kite-Mark with three stars above. The cylinder and handle package must total at least 3 stars. 3 star awarded cylinders meet the BS requirement when used with your existing standard handles - 1 star awarded cylinders must be used in conjunction with either a 2 star cylinder guard or 2 star handle set.

Anti-Drill  Hardened steel drill protection in cylinder to resist entry by drilling.

Pick Resistance Tight tolerances and anti-pick components that make picking difficult.

Anti-Bump Special component included to prevent entry by the bump key method.

Anti Pull  Special devices to retain the core of the cylinder in the door after pull atttck with slide hammer

Keyed Alike Option  The ability to order locks suited to pass the same key for ease of use.

Master Keyable  Can be supplied with Master key to open all locks - whilst still having individual keys for each lock e.g for landlords, commercial buildings, Universities, Hospitals

Key colour Options  Keys can be fitted with the manufacturers custom key fobs for ease of key identification

Key registration The ability to obtain extra keys if all keys are lost  

Key combinations  The number of different keys which can be used without repeating the same key combination

Finishes  The colour of the lock - order the finish to suit your existing door handles 

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